Winjit Launches The New Age Game-Jumpty

Are you bored of playing with the same old birds? Are you in search of more interesting mobile games? Where could you get those apps from?

No worries guys, all your expectations will be fulfilled by Winjit!!!!!

The above need has motivated Winjitians to come up with the gaming apps to satisfy the consumer needs. Here comes a motion sensing game “Jumpty” mobile app for you by Winjit Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Every one of us must have heard the humpty dumpty nursery rhyme, isn’t it?

We say “Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall”. But here we can say “Humpty Dumpty jumping tall on a footwall like a bouncing ball, making the users miscall on a pitfall…”

Watch out the Humpty Dumpty jumping and bouncing on your iPhone on the Jumpty iOS app.

The ever so cute Humpty Dumpty now jumping around on your phone. Yes, get the guy to jump on tiles, and score more with each jump. I am sure it is fun playing with this cool gaming avatar. Get this game now and set high scores for your friends to beat.

Motion sensing feature is included which makes this game more enthusiastic and fascinating. Get the bonus on the jumps. To make it more exciting, eat an Elixir egg and receive the energy booster for 10 sec and you cannot die for those 10 seconds. Eat the additional Facile egg to make the difficulty level easier for 10 seconds. You can store the top 5 score with the player name. The bouncing animation makes it more eye catchy.

The app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad as well while the OS required is iOS 4.3 and later.

Want to download the Jumpty app,

Visit at,also ensure that you write good reviews on this.

Winjit studios have a lot more game apps for you, so stay tuned !

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