Apps : Freemium is the Way to Go

Interesting Titbits from Distimo, check the detailed report. They studied 250 Apps and the data is from top 250 Apps

In App

In App

Some interesting facts from report

  • In-app purchases generated a record 76% of all revenue in the Apple App Store for iPhone in the U.S. in February 2013. At least 90% of all revenue was generated by in-app purchases in the Asian markets, which include Hong Kong, Japan, China and South Korea.
  • The average iPad download generates more revenue with in-app purchases than on iPhone. Freemium apps have an Average Revenue per download of $2.26 on iPad versus $0.93 on iPhone. This means people are making more money on iPad apps.
  • Of the top 250, there are 170 apps that are free with IAP and 53 applications that are paid with IAP. The remaining 27 applications are paid only.
  • Japan has the highest ARPD almost 250 % of US

Its an Appy World J

About Winjit

Winjit has a business division Winjit Digital publishing where Winjit partners with content owners like Times Music, Sony Music India and Hungama and plays a pivotal role in bringing these apps across various platforms. Winjit collectively has achieved more than 20 Million downloads in last 2 years across platforms for its Apps as well as Partner apps. Winjit Digital has a portfolio of 600 Apps across mobile platforms.

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