Dongles and the Dangal behind “Work From Home”

When the times are tough but the spirits are high, it is not the resources that matter more, but the resourcefulness.

“Resourcefulness is the ultimate resource” they say.

With this thought in mind and with an effort to alleviate the chances of anyone catching the virus, last week Winjit committed to Work from Home journey crossing the speed breakers of “work FOR home” on the road to “Non Stop Delivery” for our clients.

We developed the 9 commandments of Remote Work and are adhering to it as much as possible:


1. 100% Connectivity: Ensure Continuous Support from the IT Center to all the employees. Provide Systems and Dongles to everyone and anyone who doesn’t have it at home. (We hit a century of dongles on the bat of “Remote Work” and trust us, it was worth it). 

2. Every employee is equipped with Medical Insurance Documents/Numbers ensuring they are self independent if any situation arises.

3. Constant brainstorming on curating all the tools and techniques required during work from home.

4. “Hygiene se hi hoga” – Presence of masks and sanitisers in all capacity possible. (This was exercised while we were still operating from office).


5. Make “Over-communication” your best friend in your remote work journey: Timely and transparent communication with your team is a MUST.

6. Flexible adherence to the guidelines mentioned in the Work from Home Manifesto so that we are not only effective, but efficient.

7. Taking absolute care of employees (in terms of mental health and basic amenities) who are non localites and those staying in Winjit Guest Houses.

8. Nobody travels unless it is a matter of Life and Life and LIFE!

9. Fun Friday will be still “ON” – We initiated the “Best Selfie Contest” last week to inspire employees to create a productive work station.

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