Play From Home – Virtual Game Evening – Why should “OFFLINE” have all the fun?

What if 150+ people connected after a productive week over a cup of coffee and some virtual games? That’s what happened this Friday when our teams played Games like LUDO, CHESS, CARROM, UNO and PICTIONARY. Everyone registered for their favorite games and the teams were formed accordingly.

 In the times filled with uncertainty, what gives your certainty is the doing your best work, connecting and bonding with people who are an extended family to you.

Also, as we grow up, in the hoard to look mature, we don a mask of seriousness, somewhere killing that childlike innocence. No matter what you age is or where your designation stands, it’s important to never let that inner kid curb inside you BECAUSE guess what, life is too short to be always serious.

Sincere? Yes. Serious.

No! Childish? No. Childlike? Yes!

Coming back to our Game X Event, our folks played for almost two hours and some for even more than that, heading a start to a refreshing weekend. If you are committed, you will always find a way out – even if the commitment is about having fun. Cheers. Have a good evening ahead.

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