Holistic Living And Working In Nasik

The young today aspire to work with a MNC, party hard and live in the top notch infrastructure in a metro city. Having lived in Mumbai and Pune for 4 years I can say living in metro cites, you can’t shun the undesirable:

  • Heavy traffic

  • Large expenses

  • Security issues

  • Pollution

But what if we get most of the luxuries while working in a tier II city like Nasik?

Nasik has come into action as one of the major and fastest growing city in India. Being one of the legs in the golden triangle, Nasik has attracted huge investment opportunities because of upgradation of policies in the SEZ, large transformation in terms of infrastructure and transportation. Also the airport with all the international standard amenities helps in decongestion of air traffic at Mumbai.

Nasik Airport

As tier I cities like Mumbai have reached saturation, companies across various sectors are now looking at tier II cities like Nasik as the next destination. Recently, I came across Nashik being the next IT hub with rapidly growing companies like Winjit working in developing tech sector in various domains viz.
• Enterprise and consumer mobility
• Cloud computing
• Open source technologies
• Business analytics and intelligence

Winjit, a global technology leader fascinated me by the enriching exposure offered. A “techniqanic” working with Winjit says “We at Winjit, being in Nasik, are not bound by any physical boundary. Technology, innovation, R&D is in our DNA. We work with international clients spread across 45 countries. From the last 8.5 yrs, working with Winjit, what motivates me to work here is that I am always connected with my family, and I am getting the same exposure in Nasik compared to working in a tier I city ,in monetary and non monetary terms with a better quality of life.”

Picture1 (8)

Attracting IT talent in tier II cities is a tedious job. But, Winjit surpassed it with a team of more than 200 enthusiastic employees. Another Winjitian voyager says ,“I did not have a passport when i joined Winjit and within 4 years, I had to reprint a new passport which shows the scale of exposure I have got at Winjit. I have had more than 30 international travels spread across 8 different countries on multiple assignments. It has always been a great learning experience and I have always felt like a novice in front of the highly esteemed clients. Managing a big team working with strategic clients across various technology domains is an experience which I would have only dreamt of when I started my career. Winjit and in turn Nasik gave me the opportunity to realize my dreams.”

Average age of a Winjitian is around 27 years. By providing diverse and inclusive work culture, corporate equality, flexible work policies along with various engagement activities, Winjit has achieved tremendous growth and has since become one of the top 500 tech companies in Asia according to a survey conducted by Deloitte. The remarkable development of Nasik and the roadmap ahead is beneficial for the aspiring minds who want to work in latest technology as well as have a holistic quality life.


  1. Sagar

    Well and neatly written article. Best Luck.

  2. Dinesh

    Yes, its really fantastic working with Winjit in Nashik. The most thing I like about Winjit is User friendly atmosphere, which allows me to share my queries, questions, some important decisions( Personal & Professional) with management as well as with team colleagues. Its Winjit One World for me… 🙂


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