R&D gives India its big boost in the tech world : Winjit in BBC News UK

A dhaaba is a roadside eatery that can pretty much make anything a customer wants. That’s the idea behind Winjit Technologies, started eight years ago by Mr Kandoi and his partner Abhijit Junagade.

Located in Nashik in India’s western state of Maharashtra, it began with a budget of less than US$200 – but now employs over 100 people and exports to 40 countries.

The core of their organisation is a tiny research and development (R&D) lab. Here they make everything from simple products – like games – to custom-made programs for multinational clients. One of their biggest successes has been an e-management tool. It was made for employees of a inter-governmental organisation to efficiently spend donor funding during disaster relief work. Made at one-tenth of the cost of similar programs, it is now used in eight regions across the globe.

They recently filed their first patent application for a product called ‘I-Winjit’ – a technology that lets tablet computers recognise objects – for example a toy elephant – placed on the screen. When it identifies an object it delivers information, sounds and images related to it – in this case pictures and sounds from an Asian jungle.

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