Wins of Winjit Women (Success Story #1)

Vijayta and Winjit’s success stories have run parallel to each other as she has been associated with Winjit since the beginning of her career in 2009. Her invaluable contribution to the organization has been recognized by including her as a member of the Core Team where she plays an active role.

Vijayta Bhatt (Project Manager)

She has played multiple roles within the organization starting as a Mobile Developer Intern where she started working on Blackberry and in her career at Winjit played multiple roles, responsibilities across technologies. She has excelled in each function undertaken by her whether it was first as a Developer and then as a Manager. She is undoubtedly a passionate Winjitian.

For Vijayta work is worship and she is focused on her work and believes in giving her best to the projects she works on. While she has many achievements to her credit, the following two stand out. She was part of the group that formed GDG at Winjit several years ago. Her great moment came in 2018 when she was appointed as one of the two Ambassadors from India for the prestigious international forum EOS Nation. Her competence and expertise in the development of core and emerging platforms across different geographies and business domains earned her this recognition. She successfully hosted the first EOS Nation Meet in November 2018 in Winjit Mumbai office.

She gives full credit for her success to her team and her mentors who have always backed and supported her. She feels that Winjit is a great organization to work for as it provides the employees ample opportunities to acquire new skills. According to her at Winjit both male & female employees get equal opportunities not only at work but also when it comes to recognition. She also acknowledges the fact that the senior management is always open to fresh ideas.  At times if she felt that there was a better and more efficient way of doing a thing, she has not hesitated in presenting her views and has stood her ground even if initially she had to face resistance.

Vijayta is the mother of a seven-year-old lovely daughter and has efficiently managed her home & work. Her in-laws stay with her and she also has the responsibility to take care of her mother who stays alone. She feels that an understanding partner & family contribute towards the success of a woman employee in her career.

Her short message to the other women employees is that “Don’t shirk responsibility – if any new responsibility is offered, please don’t hesitate but accept it.”


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