Vintage Technology Throwback Thursday : Coleco Electronic Quarterback (1978)

Electronic Quarterback Formerly the Connecticut Leather Company, Coleco had turned to electronics in the 1970s. When the company saw the success of Mattel’s handheld Football game, it quickly came out with a copycat device. Electronic Quarterback was a handheld electronic…
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Vintage Technology Throwback Thursday : Digital Clock Pulsar

The Worlds First LED Digital Watch The first digital wrist watch was made by American timepiece manufacturer Hamilton Watch Company in 1972. The Pulsar wrist watch, was made of 18-carat gold, costing $2,100. Time was shown by pressing a button…
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AngularJS Magic

Preface In this article we will focus on basic understanding of AngualrJS framework and its use for web application. We will also demonstrate the magic of AngularJS with simple example What is AngularJS ? AngualrJS is open source JavaScript library…
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