10 lessons to get best results from a feedback form

Customer feedback is the best way to improve ourselves and also provides us a good way ahead to grow in business.

So here are 10 lessons to get best results from a feedback form

  1. Don’t collect feedback without setting business objectives first

So what you have to do is to first of all identify as why you are taking the feedback. This should not be “another new initiative” but a real sincere approach to improvise yourself. So feedback is not only for your own sake but can be for 3 reasons as below.

  1. To sell more and more for your business or for your company
  2. To grow in your business
  3. To win against your competitor


  1. Take Action

Most people tend to just take the feedback and once feedback is received nothing happens. By taking action, it means that as soon as you have a feedback, you need to work on the same and it requires attention to be given.


  1. Make feedback process customer friendly

Consider you are providing a feedback to your customer with much lengthy form and navigations. It happens mostly that we either leave half a way or do not even provide the feedback. So you have to think for your customer in similar way. How it would be easy for him? Will customer face problem while filling out the form? How it can be done in very minimal amount of time for your customer?

  1. Design relevant question for your feedback.

You have to ask the questions in such a way that it would help both you and your customer in providing response with respect to your program. The questions should be clear and straight. The key here is to get the feedback in first go only and you do not have to follow up on the same with customer.

  1. Use Scored and text question appropriately

Check how much and what kind of feedback you require. Based on the same you choose question. At the same time, it is very important to select the type of question you would keep in your feedback form.

  1. You can keep the numerical scale type of question.
  2. A simple Yes/No questions
  3. Avoid multi-dimensional grid type of questions.
  4. Keep the feedback to limited set of questions.


  1. Use feedback as independent review to differentiate from competitors

This is very much important as you can publish the feedback/quotes from customers on the site and get benefits from your competitors. So if you give a great service, independent reviews allow the world to see and they are much more effective.

  1. Send the feedback request at the best time

Normally it is best to take feedback in a day when some event happens. So it can be really good for customer also to judge and provide the valid feedback. Also, if you send feedback at one go only to all customers then it might happen that you would not work on all the feedback received from each customer. You may miss the important points. So you need to define the way to be sure that you receive feedback and you do act on the feedback as well.

  1. Share the feedback with everyone.

It is important to share the feedback with everyone to improve the morale and learning. Acknowledge and reward the people who contributed to improvements. Publicise good news on your website. Give Thank you to your customer to help you reach there and also give valid feedback.

  1. Identify cost saving and efficient improvement

If you manage to keep the customer for the further projects, nothing like that. It is little extra work but it can cost 6 times more to get a new customer than to keep the existing one. This would definitely help you to save cost. Also you can review your goals of customer satisfaction, Repeat Business and recommendations given based on the feedbacks. Mr, Guy Letts provides more information about the same as per the links in references.

  1. Unlock high response rates

You have to remember 2 things to when you request feedback

  1. State that you welcome the honest feedback
  2. Reassure that the feedback will be considered and your process is so easy that it will take few seconds only to respond.

This will assure customer that he is given a weightage and is very much important to you.

All these concepts are very well explained by the Guy Letts on customersure.



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