Nashik – the next IT destination

Nashik – From Mantra to Yantra Bhoomi

Nashik, apart from being a pilgrimage city is a city famous for grapes and the vineyard capital of India with its wine fests famous all over the world. With the conducive climate and high pool of talent, Nashik is rapidly moving to be the next IT destination of India.

On 27th July, Nashik Industries Manufacturers Association (NIMA) in association with the National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) had jointly organized a day-long workshop called ‘Nashik – The next IT destination.’

6 Information Technology companies are coming in nashik within the next one year and even the city based IT companies are looking for expansion. Facts like these are evident enough to showcase how the pilgrimage city and wine capital of India is the next IT destination as well.  Mr. Chhagan Bhujbal, district guardian minister said, “Nashik has 2 Universities and 23 colleges with a big pool of IT talent.”

Nashik - the next IT destination

Our co-founder Mr. Abhijit Junagade spoke on how Winjit Technologies has been growing and evolved as an IT unit. R&D and innovation at Winjit Tech is vivid which was showcased to NIMA members and the guests. Mr. Abhijit ended his speech by putting across a brilliant line and food for thought saying, “Steve Jobs once said, a bunch of developers sitting in a Tier III city of India are making a “dent in the universe.” I have a question, if we are already creating a dent in the universe, why are we called a Tier III city and not Tier II or Tier I. What’s the definition of a Tier I city?”

Well, quite a lot has been put forth in that statement, and it is great to have been imbibed the IT culture in Nashik, the place from where we originate.


  1. Yogesh Gaidhani

    Dear ,

    Its glad to hear that finally IT companies are arriving at nashik.
    Nashik is a city which have potential to do best IT engineers to the industry.

    The only question remain that how political and local bodies help to grow such industry by giving Air service and all metro facilities.
    It will not gives support to nashik industries economy but also encourages service industry.
    Hope the things will be takeplace soon…!!

    Yogesh .
    The Real Nashikites.

    1. Shreya Shah

      District minister said that Nashik will soon be on the air map. 🙂 So we do see political and local bodies helping to grow!

    2. Mohsin Sayyed

      Really it would really benefitial to city as the upcomong IT destination for IT sector.
      we have got many IT & BPO professionals in city. it will create good job creation and proffestional will not require to shift in Mumbai or Pune for job & Career purpose, govt and other organization should promote Nasik city Nationally & Globally to make major IT/ITES comapny to start thire operations

  2. Gaurav

    Nashik need a good colleges. I know there is lot of engineering and management colleges but need good colleges like IIT,NIT,IIM. Most of the IT companies hire student from this top colleges. Another thing if we compare Nashik to south indian cities Nashik is backward in english speaking population. Most of the multinational companies like Google, Yahoo, IBM need english speaking people. Other than Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Cochin other small cities like Mysore, Mangalore, Tiruchirapalli,Coimbatore, Madurai, Kozikode has widely speaking english people and its very common their.
    Other thing there is no such politics and no strong union power.


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